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Scope of Service

At Brandripe, we cover a whole range of design requests. Here are a few of the more popular request types:

​Logos & Branding


Brand Guides

Business Cards

Stationary Sets

Web & Mobile

Simple Landing Page Design

Web Page Adaptations

Web Icons

Mobile Page Adaptations

Arts & Illustrations

Customised Illustrations

Blog Posts

Icon Sets

Social Media, Email & Ads

Social Media Banner

Facebook Ads

Email Template

Display Ads

Promotions & Print








Business Reports

Here are the requests that are available exclusively with our Premium plan

· 2 -4 secs animated GIFs

· Customised illustrations

· Light web landing page (must have wireframe)

· Visual branding identity (Branding guide)

· Mobile app adaptations (must have existing app design)

· Presentation Deck Design (PowerPoint and Google Slides)

Here are the requests that are available exclusively with our Gold plan

· Basic Video Editing

· Stitching Together Raw Footages

. UI/UX Animation

. Converting Static to Animated Designs

. Simple Explainer Videos

. Animated Social Media Ads and Posts

. Graphic Loops

. Basic and Advanced GIFs

. 2D Animated Titles, Logos and Typography

*Do note: It normally takes around 2-5 business days for us to complete your motion graphics request. However, the longer and more complex the brief the longer the deadline. In the event your motion graphics requires more changes in the middle of the brief we would also need ample time to revise and refine the request which might also take an estimated 7 days to complete.​

And these are what we DO NOT cover:

❌ Web development or web site building

❌ Full Scale UI/UX design

❌ Advanced PDF Documents

❌ 3D design

❌ Complex photo compositing or editing

❌ 2D Character Animation​

❌ 3D Assets and Animation​

❌ Frame-by-Frame Animation​

❌ Transcribing Videos​

❌ Shooting Videos and Images​

❌ Whiteboard Videos​

❌ Cinemagraphs​

❌ Stop Motion​

❌ Storyboards​


❌ 360 Videos​

❌ Videos longer than our max duration 60 seconds​

❌ Advanced Compositing ​

❌ Photorealism Visual Effects​

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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