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Here’s How to Create the Perfect Request Submission

Describe your requirements in detail.
The more information you can provide through your submission, the more your designer will understand you and your brand needs. Including the information below will allow your designer to gain better insights and you to be one step closer to your dream design.
- Links to your website
- What is the nature and purpose of your business?
- What are the strategies and core values of your business?
- Who is your target audience?
- What do they think of your brand?
- Who are your competitors and what makes you different from them?

Define what your project is about.
This section of the brief should contain clear information regarding the scope of your project. Whether the project is for brand merchandising, a webpage, or even a social media ad, a properly defined scope is essential. Answering some of the questions below could help you with your brief.
- Are there any specific emotions you want to evoke with your design?
- What problem will you want your design to solve?
- Where will your design be seen? (corporate, print, social media, etc.)
- Is there copy you want to include within your design? (titles, subtitles, taglines, etc.)
- What are the dimensions and format you want your designs to be in?

Provide design references or relevant materials.
Your brief should contain examples of images that inspired your design and details regarding colours and font types that you would prefer. You can also include any or all the following for a clearer brief.
- Upload images of similar reference designs
- Include assets that you have and want to use
- Provide links to inspirational sources that has a similar concept to what you are looking for

Once you have filled in your request submission, you can add it to your project queue.

More Tips for The Perfect Brief.
- Bullet points are great to keep your brief short and clear.
- Tell us the emotions and the stories behind your design if you have any.
- Inform us ahead for hard deadlines, so we know we have the time to make changes and revisions.
- Let us know of your expectations; whether something simple is enough or your if your request requires a more elaborate design.

The Perfect Design Brief Sample

Note: We will prefer our logo to have a simple design but with a vibrant colour scheme.

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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