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Here’s How You Can Give Design Revisions

Within our system, you are able to view your designs and pinpoint the exact areas which need revision Try to be clear about your feedback. Vague responses such as ‘The design is not dynamic enough’ or ‘I’m not feeling this colour’ is ineffective feedback that won’t help your designer understand your needs.

Explain the things that you like about the current design and where you think things can be improved. Do try and end your feedback on a positive note. Please always try to be kind and respectful as we all have the same end goal, your dream design.

More Tips on Design Revisions.

- Be objective about the design and try not to use personal pronouns when giving feedback. (eg: “The colours for this design is not contrasting enough” instead of “Your design is not creative enough”)
- Be prepared for some questions as our designers are trained to get to the root of your design vision and need to know the ‘why’ behind your feedback.

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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