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Cancelling or Pausing Your Brandripe Plan

To pause or cancel your subscription, head to the Subscription tab under your profile, click on Pause and follow the process.

What does Pausing your plan mean?
Should you decide that you don’t need any design work to be done at the moment but still wish to keep your account active, pausing your plan is an option that Brandripe offers. You can choose to come back and re-activate your plan at any given time by unpausing your plan. Your account will remain active for the remainder of the billing cycle. You will not be charged for your next billing cycle until you _Reactivate_ your account.

What does Cancelling your plan mean?
Cancelling your plan will result in the loss of all current/pending requests and files. We would like you to consider pausing your account instead if you wish to keep access to your requests and files. If you are unhappy with Brandripe, why not try reaching out to our support team and we will try our best in assisting you to get your desired design.

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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